Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Culinary Review of Jean-Robert's Table

I dined at Jean-Robert's Table last evening. It’s true! It was an enchanting dining experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

I walked passed a polished exterior in downtown Cincinnati on 713 Vine Street with such an infectious warm inviting vibe; I just had to go in.

I was greeted by a cheerful and fully engaging Maitre d’. His lively attitude was quite contagious which made the impending dining experience even more exciting. This was a sentiment that I knew would certainly carry over to the actual meal where I knew every bite would leave a lasting impression. He was already telling me about the specials that Jean-Robert had created with such culinary commitment that my taste buds were already anticipating my good fortune.

Jean-Robert has such a passion and skill for food that I began to question what the heck I was doing at one of his restaurants. I was in the company of “culinary royalty” and a defining moment in my dining glory.

At the center of Jean-Robert’s Table is still the same creative Chef genius who makes repeat guests savor every bite and newcomers amaze in fare that makes their taste buds dance.

Jean-Robert has approached his new restaurant with a new found inspiration. The food is influenced by French country cooking. The menu is adventurous and unpredictable in so much that his amazing talent is very versatile. I dare you to find one thing on the menu that you don’t LOVE?


“Who is there?” I say wondering if I am in foodie heaven.

“You haven’t actually eaten at Jean-Robert's Table. It isn’t even open yet!”

“Oh.” I say.

Well then, let this serve has notice that there is a new food critic in town. That is right!

Gourmet Gin is a brand spanking new Cincinnati Food Critic for all the people and all the establishments from diners to Jean-Robert's Table and hamburgers to elegant fare.

Let’s get started!

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