Friday, November 20, 2009

Captivating Cupcakes at the sugar cupcakery in Milford, Ohio

I was riding solo today, with no culinary cohort or partner in crime, when I found myself in downtown Milford. Downtown Milford conveys a kind of charming "old school" romantic vibe with a variety of shops and restaurants to suit all desires.
I fortunately found myself standing in front sugar cupcakery and obviously could not pass the chance to venture inside for a look at all the "treats." 

There is a cupcake "craze" going on and lucky for us sugar cupcakery joined the trend.

The sugar cupcakery is a quaint shop where you immediately feel right at home. You are greeted with the incredible fresh scent and sight of homemade baked cupcakes, which is sure to bring a smile to your face.  If you can't find yourself smiling here, I am thinking you aren't going to be smiling anywhere!

It is all about the details when it comes to baking, and sugar cupcakery demonstrates that quality, local, organic ingredients and a little extra care go a long way in creating delicious cupcakes. You can choose between regular size or a mini version cupcake. This is a concept that I really LIKE because in choosing the mini version, you can taste more of the wonderful flavors that are offered at sugar cupcakery

I chose one mini Coconut Lime, one mini Chocolate, one mini Vanilla and one mini Chocolate Truffle.

The only thing I regret is that I am dealing with a new camera and my camera skills/pictures just can not do these treats justice.  Flavor wise, these cupcakes are worth every bite.  Each cupcake is topped with a generous helping of sweet icing that practically melts in your mouth.

I brought my four cupcakes home and poured myself a big glass of milk.  What was my favorite flavor of the four that I brought home?  Oh my gosh, this is a hard decision because quite frankly one was better than the next. They were all luscious, delectable and YUMMY, but my favorite was the Coconut Lime.  This cupcake was sweet with a touch of tartness reminiscent of key lime pie.  I would like to eat one everyday!  Of course if I do that, I am going to need to keep adding miles to my daily run.  Before you know it, I might just find myself running all the way from Landen to Milford for my cupcake "fix."

So, when in Milford do what Gourmet Gin does!  Find yourself to 32 Main Street and satisfy your sweet tooth at the sugar cupcakery!  The end :-)

(NOTE:  sugar cupcakery will have a web site up and running in the near future.  Until then, you can follow them on Twitter @sugercupcakery)


  1. Wow, this place is adorable!! So cupcakey ;) The cupcakes all sound and LOOK out of this world. I will definitely do as GG does if in Milford!

  2. oh wow great cupcakes looks like a place in NYC cool

  3. What a cool place! Love the decor! If I'm ever over your way I will check this place out for sure.

    Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!