Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It is all the talk. . . White Castle's Sweet Potato Fries are BACK

I am making a list -and as the saying goes- I am checking it twice.  (1)  Go to White Castle and try their much "talked about" sweet potato fries.  These days not much takes me to White Castle other than their extraordinary delicious piping hot coffee, but away I go. . . . .

Tis the season of sweet potato fries. . . . Well, actually it's the season of sweet potatoes, but certainly having them fried is a unique way to eat and serve the potatoes.

For all it is worth, I just never got the concept of deep frying sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are much denser than their counter partner the white potato. Every sweet potato fry that I have ever eaten has had a vague taste of sweet potato imploded with cooking oil. YUCK!

I would not quite say "YUCK" to White Castle's sweet potato fries, but I wouldn't say "YUM" either. I say, "Why?"

Why take something so healthy and turn it into an artery clogging digestive devil? I need to get off my "high horse" here, because who goes to White Castle for healthy eating?  I get that!

White Castle's sweet potato fries are probably some of the crispest fries that I have eaten, which is a plus. (Trust me on this!) I have eaten sweet potato fries that are limp, lame and quite tasteless. White Castle serves their fries with a side of cinnamon dipping sauce which is ordinary at best. A couple of fries dipped in this sauce and you will be on sugar overload and wishing you had a couple of "sliders" to go with those fries. 

For $2.19 you get a good portion of the fries and a small container of the dipping sauce. Are they worth a try? Of course they are.   I don't want to dampen your enthusiasm for these fries. To be fair, I haven't read one negative thing said about them, so it is probably just me.

There is no special skill or tools required to make your own delectable scrumptious (healthy) sweet potato fries. . . . click here for a complete set of instructions.

Have a happy Wednesday :-)